The abundance and diversity of data acquired over 40 years are the the ground of the Méthode Cousinié: it covers the specific nutritional needs of varieties in the various stages of their development.

Our French laboratory ensures high-precision results from our analyses, which are an essential prerequisite for a reliable, rigorous interpretation.

Soil AND SUBSOIL AnalysIs:

In our work, we often encounter mineral imbalances which deeply affect output potential. It is necessary to consider the physico-chemical composition of soils as a key factor in the choice of plant material or for the vegetative cycle.

Leaf Analysis:

Mineral elements are at the heart of the plant's life. An understanding of their dynamics allows us to anticipate some results of the vintage (blocked or delayed ripening, coulure, water deficiency).

Grape analysis:

Berry analyses give accurate information on the qualitative potential of the coming harvest. Thanks to our foliar range, they allow our customers to obtain a balance between the different kind of maturity (technological, phenolic, aromatic compounds...).

Wood analysis:

Wood analyses reveal the history of the plant's life. They also enable us to detect possible risks of toxicity.

Other Analyses:

On request, we can carry out analyses of microbial biomass (quantitative), biological activity (qualitative), dynamics of organic matter and differentiation of mineral clays.