The vintage is a fundamental part of the natural equation which leads to a great wine. Indeed availability of mineral elements into the soil as well as nutrient assimilation by the plant vary according to the weather conditions throughout the year.

Our foliar range Cousifolia© allows you to adapt to any vintage and to improve its productivity (fructification, coulure, millerandage etc.) and its qualitative potential (ripeness, acidity, tannins, flavours etc.).

We also get very good results to limit the impact of extreme weather conditions (drought, frost, hail).

The selection of highly advanced components gives our products a naturally soft, well-balanced action. Tests carried out by two independent laboratories have determined:

  • Foliage adhesion two to three times higher than with classic foliar products
  • Assimilation within 2 hours following the application
  • Metabolized in 48 hours with a fast leaf-fruit transit
  • From to 2 to 3 weeks of effective action
  • Improvement of the photosynthetic potential and the creation of nutritional reserves in the plants
  • Respect of the microflora