In a perpetual tradition of excellence, we have developed Cousifertyl©, a highly qualitative range of products composed only of noble, natural materials.

We are thus able to create personalized formulations* based on our physico-chemical analyses, viticultural factors and your enological objectives.

The Méthode Cousinié works in synergy with the environment in improving the soil biological activity to obtain the best expression of terroirs.

It is essential to favor a good nutritional balance to allow a harmonious development of young plants. Some nutrients are essential to this purpose (phosphorus, potash…) however it is important not to focus on the quantitative approach since many mineral blockages can hide the real dynamics of soils.

Besides N, P, K, many mineral and trace elements are fundamental to the health of vine stocks. They act as activators, components of enzymes and they are the starting point of numerous biochemical reactions inside the plant itself.
Furthermore each variety has its own specific needs which is very important to consider for the regularity of their output and their qualitative potential.

*Some formulas can be used in organic farming in accordance with the regulations (UE) 2018/848, we respect fertilization standards NFU 44 051, NFU 42-001.