A method designed specifically for your vineyard

The Cousinié company offers you a large range of services:

  • Vineyard establishment (in association with a French company, we can provide you with a local, technical support from planting to winemaking)
  • Soil regeneration and fertility
  • Intervention on problematical plots (chlorosis, coulure, millerandage, salinity etc.)
  • Replanting of vineyards
  • Choice of varieties and rootstocks
  • Expertise and technical assistance in winegrowing
  • Quality of grapes and yields (ripeness, tannins, flavors, natural resistance etc.)
  • Management of damages caused by extreme weather conditions (drought, frost and hail)
  • Virus attenuation
  • Viticultural audit assignments

To study the best strategy for your estate, please contact us for further information.